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You're invited to A Unique Seder for Unique People

Hey there!

Every year, my friend herodotusjr and I hold a Passover seder, and this year we're opening it up to all the freaks, geeks, queers and weirdos in the greater Washington DC area!

Read below for more information, and if you want to come, make sure you RSVP via the website link below!


What?: A Unique Seder for Unique People
When?: Saturday, April 7th @ 7 PM
Where?: herodotusjr’s House – College Park, MD

(Actual address to his house found inside the evite. Make sure you RSVP.)

You're invited to our WEIRD seder for freaks, geeks, heretics, queers and weirdos like us!

So every year we have a Passover Seder. And gathered around the table is a motley bunch of people: Jews, Gentiles, people of their own unique beliefs, heck, even an Atheist or 2. Queers and straights, Jews who support Palestine and computer hackers. Yeah, we're weird, and we wouldn't have it any other way. And this year, we're opening up our seder to all the freaks, geeks, queers and weirdos in the greater DC area!

Our seder is, like its attendees... WEIRD. Its a unique, egalitarian seder with traditional elements embellished with our own unique blend of geekery, freakery and Jewish (& Jew-ish) weirdness. There will be an orange on our seder plate, as well as a Miriam's Cup at our table, to celebrate the contributions and inclusion of GLBTQ people and women in Judaism. And herodotusjr will tell his infamous retelling of the Passover story, complete with voices, as he does every year.

If you're looking for a seder and you're afraid you won't fit in... you'll fit in here.

If you're a freak, geek, dork, nerd, or weirdo, you are welcome at our table.

If you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or queer, or are somehow different in your sexual orientation or gender identity or presentation, you are welcome at our table.

If you're a secular Jew and wish to partake of this tradition, you are welcome at our table.

If your particular brand of Judaism is different from the norm (such as JewBu, JeWitch, or Jewnitarian, amongst others), you are welcome at our table.

If you're a Gentile of any (or no) religion, and you feel called to attend a seder (or are curious what the fuss is all about), you are welcome at our table.

If you have body mods or funny hair, you are welcome at our table.

If you'd simply like to go to a seder, but are afraid that you won't fit in, you are welcome at our table.

All outsiders, outcasts, and people who are considered "different" by society are welcome at our table.

Food wise: We certainly don't keep full Kosher for passover, but we make sure that we're not eating pork or shellfish and we do our best to get rid of chametz (leavened bread). There will be vegetarian food for those who keep vegetarian.

Dinner will be a potluck. So bring your best dishes that don't involve leavened breadstuffs (if you have a question about a dish, ask. Pasta is usually NOT ok.), pork or shellfish. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are always welcome. Also, bring a bottle of wine from a fruit of the vine and/or grape juice. Drinking 4 glasses of wine/juice a piece makes for a great demand. Kosher for passover is wonderful, if you can, but not necessary.

RSVP: Yes, please, if at all possible! It lets us make sure we have enough food, matzo, and chairs! If you're undecided or unsure if you can come, RSVP with a maybe. However, there's always an extra place at the table and if you suddenly find yourself able to come but you haven't RSVPed, do come (calling the phone number on the evite and letting us know you're coming does help).

Transportation: herodotusjr's house is near a bus line, however, we're more than willing to carpool with people and/or pick people up from the Metro. If you think you're going to need or would like some help with transportation, RSVP early (and/or call the number on the Evite. That's my cell phone.) and we'll work something out, no sweat.

Feel free to pass on this notice to any group, list, or LJ community (or individuals) that you think might have people interested in attending. Just make sure that they RSVP via the Evite page above!

We hope to see you on that Night That's Different From All Other Nights!

(x-posted to a bunch of different from the norm Jewish and other spiritual communities)
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