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looking for a room in an apartment or house! please help!

hey! i'm tzippy. i'm a student at american university. i'm a math major (woo hoo!) . i'm a violinist and play in my university's symphony. i am currently living in the dorms. as you can imagine (or know from experience), it is so hard to keep kosher and Shabbos in the dorms, and I am trying to find an affordable living situation off-campus.

i'm looking for a room in an apartment, house, whatever. i wouldn't mind sharing a bedroom or living in a partitioned-off-space in a living room, if that's what it takes. i just want access to a kosher kitchen, already! hehe.

i would like a place that's near the metro, it doesn't really matter to me if it's in Marlyand or DC. im willing to pay up to $700 a month, but could do a bit more if need be. i am also an experienced babysitter, and could thus help out a family with kids if they wanted.

please let me know if you know of anything! I would love to move off campus! i can give character references and all that jazz, if need be.

thanks! i really appreciate it! :) please respond to this post if you know of anything available! i would be looking to move in around early to mid january and would best like a six-month lease.
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