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DC Jews

Being Jewish in our nation's capital

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A community for Jews in and around the District of Columbia. Come one, come all. If you live/work/play here, you used to, you plan to, or you are just interested in what goes on here. Right now it's open admissions.

Ground rules (taken from weirdjews):

Be Nice and respectful and courteous of others. Do not say to someone else what you do not want said to you.

No racist or bigoted remarks.

No proselytizing for other faiths. Jews for Jesus and Messianic Jews are especially discouraged from joining.

No personal attacking or flaming. The moderator understands that debates can get heated, but when one starts name-calling and slandering another person is when we step in.

Please respect different forms of Jewish practice or lack thereof. We understand the differences and inherent rifts between different sects of Judaism and they will certainly present themselves in debate. But if you have resentful comments against another sect of Judaism, please endeavor to keep it to yourself.

dc_jews accepts every level of Jewish practice, or lack thereof, and criticizing others' level of 'Jewishness' is strongly discouraged. Also, no matter what your personal opinion may be, do not tell a ger they are not Jewish unless they explicitly ask for a halachic view.

Anything you say on this community is open to discussion. All posts should be open to comments. If you don't want anyone to comment, you probably shouldn't have said it.

Please use good judgment when posting and commenting. There are no stupid questions, just stupid ways to ask them. This applies on stating opinions as well.

Please use a LJ cut tag for exceedingly long posts.

Posts containing promotion for another community, Jewish or not, must be pre-approved by a moderator. Any post promoting a community that did not get prior approval will be warned or more depending on the case. Additionally, any user who joins the community for the sole purpose of promoting their community will possibly be banned. We're generally okay with most other communities as long as they have a Jewish or coinciding theme to them... so please just ask first!

No linking to other communities' drama asking for "help" on debates. If someone starts a flamewar elsewhere, it makes us look bad and encourages trolls to visit our community. Fight your own battles.

General advice for those who need it: Although this is a warm community, don't post your address on here before realizing that this is on the internet so anyone can read it.

I am your moderator, leftyjew. If you would like to help bear this enormous burden (especially if you have a paid account) let me know! I'm not an overly hands-on moderator, but if balagan hits the fan, I will start to be more active.

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